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Research to inform a review of how Scottish Enterprise and partners can unlock the full potential of digital health opportunities for Scottish SMEs



This report provides an overview of (1) economic development interventions focussed on digital health outwith Scotland, and (2) barriers to entry into digital health from the perspective of Scottish digital health and digital companies.


The methodology consisted of desk research for part (1) and a small number of interviews with companies for part (2).


A number of economic development interventions are identified, alongside some barriers to companies entering and expanding in the digital health space that have not been the focus of previous recent work by Scottish Enterprise (SE) or partners (i.e. that go beyond “the obvious”).


In identifying barriers to growth within digital health, and identifying economic development interventions deployed elsewhere, the report offers a wide range of material to inform interventions within Scotland.

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Report (499 KB, pdf)
Published year2021
Document TypeResearch
Theme/SectorDigital markets and enabling technologies, Enterprise, Support to existing/growth businesses, Innovation, Internationalisation, Sectors