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Port investment models for offshore wind



The report was commissioned for a client group of Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Crown Estate Scotland. The report examines and explores potential private financing and funding approaches to unlock the delivery of new port capacity for offshore wind requirements. It will be used to facilitate and support discussion between ports, the offshore wind sector and investors on how necessary investment can be structured.


Desktop research and analysis of other examples of investments into port, or similar, infrastructure; and a market engagement exercise with ports, offshore wind developers and investors, and other infrastructure investors. The aim of this was to understand the views, key concerns and previous experience of investment in port infrastructure to support offshore wind projects.


The report sets out a range of different models that have and could be used to facilitate private capital to invest in port infrastructure.


The report makes no direct recommendations. It provides a basis for engagement between relevant stakeholders to plan how best to finance additional port capacity.

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Report (450 KB, pdf)
ConsultantQMPF LLP
Published year2021
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