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Impact appraisal and evaluation guidance



This guidance aims to ensure that all assessments of the economic impacts of Scottish Enterprise’s interventions are undertaken in a consistent manner.


Following this guidance will help Scottish Enterprise compare the effects of its interventions in a consistent and transparent way.


Scottish Enterprise’s approach to appraisal and evaluation focuses on employment and GVA. The guidance is structured into a general Overview, a Glossary, and a range of Information Sheets, each dedicated to a specific aspect of assessment.


Refer to the Overview for a general introduction to impact assessment and its key concepts. For further technical guidance and justification, download the supporting Information Sheets.

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1 Glossary (29 KB, docx)
2 Summary checklist (24 KB, docx)
4 Employment (41 KB, doc)
6 Strategic fit (37 KB, doc)
7 Deadweight (560 KB, doc)
8 Displacement (51 KB, doc)
9 Logic model (110 KB, docx)
10 Leakage (41 KB, doc)
11 Substitution (22 KB, docx)
12 Multiplier effects (119 KB, doc)
13 Standard question set (107 KB, doc)
14 GVA calculator (1 MB, xls)
15 Impact period (59 KB, doc)
16 Benchmarking (28 KB, docx)
17 Research income (88 KB, doc)
18 Project income (43 KB, doc)
19 Employment densities (25 KB, docx)
20 Construction impacts (28 KB, docx)
21 Impact model (43 KB, doc)
23 Constant prices (28 KB, docx)
25 Staff costs (46 KB, doc)
28 Pre-revenue impacts (92 KB, doc)
29 Cost centres (15 KB, docx)
30 Sunk costs (38 KB, doc)
31 Apportioning impact (19 KB, docx)
32 Spatial impact (52 KB, doc)
33 Wider benefits (130 KB, doc)
Guidance Overview (167 KB, doc)
GVA (26 KB, docx)
Tax contribution (25 KB, docx)
ConsultantScottish Enterprise
Published year2014
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